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he evening will do little the owner. welcome to the world islam and you know tommy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. when officials are closely monitoring reports from the north sea is an influential figure. insulting has been dismissed from all that. that tells chinese
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leaders. world powers pilgrimage. india went into the ears are some industries around the mall. officials with south korea's unification ministry say they're close to my untrained media reports out of the north to see if a high ranking member of government has been ousted from office china's own tech the vice chair of the national defense commission is the uncle of north korean leader kim jong hoon. reports have surfaced suggesting chang may have been dismissed from all of this post. so far north korea's official media have reported nothing about the potential political move the ministry's announcement comes after the south's national intelligence service told a parliamentary committee the chance to close associates had been publicly executed. is it time zone to eat. it's very unlikely turn of the impact has been stripped of our responsibilities. in south korea experts are speculating
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time might have been sacked after being defeated in a power struggle with other high ranking leaders. some tech is married to tim gill nikki sister of league leader kim jong il the father of the current leader. chung was born in nineteen forty six in the north eastern province of north holland yall. he graduated from kim il sung university and joined the ruling workers' party due to his family connections china soon key posts in the party. john worked to open up north korea's economy in two thousand and two eleven economic delegation to south korea. but he fell from grace in two thousand and three observers thought he'd been dismissed his whereabouts were not reported again until two thousand and six it became john eales death in two thousand and eleven china is why i supported the young successor john was given the task of meeting chinese leaders last year the report of a possible reshuffle and kill again raises plenty of questions return to north korea expert
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ha jin look for answers. he's a senior research fellow at the korea institute for national unification the team. it's shocking to me because you don't come from things and more than them but we both parties and town center was about to make her all consuming the two thousand and eight when king john who is in its proper happen. so i think a note on baby up with her toys started to turn from k and joe and his baby acne but his lawyer told it to happen because you don't. chinchilla i'm sure you don't put the pulp is two three of us can one not so good even shocking because it is impolite to happen the curator of the equipment that can in the park so i think ago i mentioned that i
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get to use tool to deal with holidays and he causes his power was not so good looking rich or tom i think that you don't obey that might be much too. maybe my favorite in the gold coast ago. there is in the chicken that has been stepped up polished target this appeared to still have to do and maybe even do them now. indeed i am today the other. pollitt whole piece. us vice president joe biden says for relations with china to grow they must be built on trust his comments come amid disputes over the country's newly declared air defense identification zone. biden met with chinese said president she's thinking in the chain. china's state run television is reporting that preston explain his country's basic stance on the air defense of the mind and present she said the world as a whole was not tranquil. he added the only right choice facing china and the us is to strengthen dialogue and cooperation biden said the relationship between the two major powers must be based on trust. he
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added that as the basis on which real change is me the us vice president is on a six day tours to japan china and south korea on tuesday he agreed with. as prime minister shinzo law benefit or nations will tolerate china's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. india and japan have had diplomatic relations for just over sixty years. japan's emperor and empress are now visiting the south asian country and this week we've been running a special series on in our final instalment today we look at india successes in developing its human resources especially in the field of information technology grows the end of the malia is in a historic part of dough the last night that the town of our family tradition est see our friendly than other stuff and it's mass of people circulate concentrate on selling its
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belt line and mobile and were back in the early seventeenth century town of less than historical buildings and here it is i can get tempo don't always feel like it if you catch the eye. the active steering. the people still taking office he bought with rapid economic growth the number of middle income households is multiplying. i whispered it to double by twenty twenty. for some expansion in the country's talented crafters. actually i t industry. ability is not how well known and there i decide to buy into the store for us to stay well what's on the grace to repent and accept it. you use to do all the colors you use the currency in scientific knowledge his case. it has fifteen schools across india they need is a new job for
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the season here. the truth is across the world gather to compete with the signature the skills to work with any great. from india and bhutan to use them. stealth to lagoon. they're a good picture of the trade front so to look specifically for petroleum engineer. european and american farmers make very generous offers. last year is starting salaries broke new ground while leading ip for him in the us offered indian graduates of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. genius says reducing the power to the yahoo news is that in patients with them. it is decided. mathematics and science studies. this tool provides a special time to go
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to the city meant to. it's been patient. listen to the computer science the mistake and made available to them. sports the same old students are able to progress the details in the race takes to stop the car on the stupid computer is acting to the top of that match my skin japanese companies have no clue the global race to recruit him. this sudoku killer bees to recruit me for saying more and more debt is at the start looking for good science graduates. the warm hearted comedy nice bt engineers has a plan to stay and grow. for the snow trying to build a connection with one of india's leading dance in unison. the institutional continue getting up to five games recruiters say european and american companies are only now starting to come
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here in oregon the ancient japanese firms are will position to snap up the bits you are different kinds. us soldiers led the new union team. you love it. this is a sin you could too bad it's good to eat. we want to attract talented people from india to help them learn how to work in japan. we want to create and it was a huge cage we don't want to lose out to us and european firms the japanese government is also the new ball. it's the height of our brains to use the code. in this newly received more than two hundred million dollars for the construction of its new campus. i just need to visit
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the new route the unit price continues to increase to just sit in front of it. some students. think about building a community. awesome imagination that would probably want to stand up in some top notch japanese company. he is an issue that this economy through ict industry has needed a global source for science and technology news. now companies are on the world are competing to recruit the cream of the crime. given its due world. yes i'm gonna get going now. i think that the entire contents are from companies on the amount of wealth. what the leaders are trying to trace the skills of workers as well. what's the plan. she shows more. but for the top is the trade
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that's the part of efforts to study the effects industry she opened it effects me cdp. he said. he goes on to boost its. sixteen process to try to buy clothes for next weekend. so the rest of the city today. effects which helps to cut the project trying to pick on him right now is losing momentum not because of the global economic slowdown still bought the den to take back thinking back that about momentum. a small stack of openoffice but that is the trade imbalance. once all these problems like this these socks. so i can guarantee a spot in the second best. he just west of the apocalypse. she shopped. this puts us in
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here's my challenge is to be this age in making these types of performance. but why didn't it. immediate action if all these guys the centaur but the key for us. at issue is that grew into what he thinks that the court of india the benefits of gold workings of the section. with its head. the full squad at the plate. he's a child. this is the default the site here that way. yep my new delhi the aisle. now i g going away t everyone. and if the answer is yes it's going to be taking some time to start with twenty six heads. this wraps up our three day special series on kodiak. yes
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all of them. and here calls continue for thailand's prime minister to step down the bile into the capital bangkok has given way to scenes of demonstrators cleaning the streets the situation has become homeless people around the country get ready to pay their respects for the king's birthday. until monday there were violent to her were violent confrontations demonstrators threw stones at security forces fired tear gas rubber bullets but on wednesday the city looks like a different place and the status or cleaning the streets around the democracy monument the symbolic center of their activities. the change of atmosphere is due to team people are denied each thursday is his eighty sixth birthday. this is the time for cleaning up for paying respects to our team
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government officials and leaders with great hostility to secure the authorities allowed the students to enter the compound of the prime minister's office. the move could use some attention by allowing protesters to gather in the center of power. he later left the compound shouting that they want the thai royal family is one of the most enduring monarchies in southeast asia the team has no political power. but he is greatly admired as the symbol of the country's unity. my ministry mccann is avoided for the bloodshed in the days leading up to the king's birthday on tuesday she made a televised speech to call for unity. protesters have not dropped in advance for her to resign and for an end to the influence of her older brother and former prime minister thaksin shinawatra he was ousted in a coup in two thousand and six and has been living in self imposed former deputy prime minister said to take books about it who leaves the protesters said they would resume the demonstration was after
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the king's birthday weekend is going to address the people of thailand on thursday. he's previously used his influence to mediate conflicts in times of political tension. people are focusing on what message he will deliver to the two groups have divided the country for nearly ten years. even with the political turmoil in thailand the country's major airline has launched regular flights between bangkok and a japanese city of sand on the area was devastated by the march two thousand and eleven earthquake. officials from thai airways international held a ceremony and a pure boredom and got anti government protests aren't stopping people from using this service. airline officials say the first flight on tuesday was almost fully booked with about two hundred sixty passengers. i would buy a lion with a tinge of how many times to be my first time tonight i'm going to experience the nature of the tv. people in thailand are becoming more interested
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in japanese cuisine session and animation japanese government in july. cancel the visa requirements for them. a member of time visitors in october almost doubled from my ear before. i and i. japanese prime minister shinzo lava has convened the first meeting of the newly established national security council the council is modelled today and as seen in the united states last week the diet enacted a law to create the body havent with four cabinet members. their deputy prime minister tell us the chief cabinet secretary yeshiva center for mr from yeshiva in defence ministry it's a naughty old enough they discussed a new security strategy to be completed by the end of the year. it also china's newly declared air defense identification zone over the east china sea. on the screen onto which you can stick we frankly exchanged views on national security
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the it was a crucial meeting earlier ms said the council or share information with foreign governments. don't cook a meal all on one of the nsc has an organization to protect the people of japan for that purpose it is important for council to exchange intelligence and information with and its use of other countries and properly deal with various issues. chief cabinet secretary said this at the core members of the council will meet twice a month they will take command of the policy making on defense and diplomacy. and as carol seater political commentator was enacted jima gives us his analysis of the establishment of the msc i am. well missy is supposed to help the government deal quickly with diplomatic and security challenges. example if our country want to fit in japan. then this evening in principle help the administration take more
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costly to the auction. trying to create a mess of the kitty costume when he was first in office. but he's there for scale. now with the strong majority. is it bigger democratic party and its coalition partner were able to get back in the past. they argued the security environment in east asia is becoming more secure. north korea's missile and nuclear programs pose a threat to japan and china is becoming more active in the region critics say that didn't seem to help the under eye the demonstration of strength and security ties with the us they worry that this could not get a good time. trees are getting involved in the real conflict or war some say yes to these subdivisions of people to check what our leaders talk about and decide if the cost the other administration responded by adopting a
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resolution allowing the course of the nsc meetings to be kept in a way that does not compromise national security. however those records could be kept confidential. and though the secrecy. mr is trying to pass. some of you so moment to say that anything we need not work effectively with out any highest intelligence and information gathering service they are boys sitting out on a special agency. much like the c i came to us and among sixteen cricket. mr zhang hao were not up for now. there will continue to depend on current ministries and agencies cents or six the difference in the foreign ministries and the national police agency me this appears to be focusing for now on coordinating intelligence and policy
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the group of young musicians from the south american islam have been entertaining people across japan and it's not just the sounds that are filling seats the story behind the band is resonating with audiences. an eight year olds like libby has more the baby to me. something could find. okays. made from he can't or don't want to trust extreme. all the people of the cabinets. especially pakistan who touched my heart with more than any other instrument house. they come from that area. field. our
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money like it's going to the current field of garbage they can tell. i am and can't stand the kids have a game of keep taking it to testify and that will come to think that she was helping set up a new green program. idiot to contrast from the none too keen to me and scott king's domain. keep posted and depraved and informed that the cycle is instinctive. ok so. sixteen yet won't have the money than the fact that by audi. new and old can count on when implemented will not be offensive. with that. people just as the key to future demand. so we can do to alpine to twenty three main banks. and one ten
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hundred fold. it addition to do. the dish and a chance to fly over all but over. cheney team. seeing if i do and all meaning deal with the matching i'd be able to uruguay. now i can shuffle to so many countries. i hope that one day i can become a professional violinist. and then teach to children in sudan to play. the scene equal concern is protecting high. changing quickly. i'm getting old. i am tomorrow oh and a possible because of the month. then on to you i'm told which include. it's way be it a lot of dough
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the there's a strong winter storm racing across northern europe. our meteorologist robert spencer has been following this situation robert. oz is indeed the very cool storm the northern portion of the british isles and also because in the name penciled i didn't see. always up to the fenty d the climbers proud today to see those clouds racing from west to east in storm is not even here just yet you can see it just on the left side of the screen starting to come into the picture nod ahead of this we are a good lookout winds gusting up to one hundred climbers are likely for on much of scotland expecially review the coastline. it is in widespread snow totals out here. up to about three to six centimeters in some areas not iowa basins up to about twenty seven years is very well likely and then this is the santa cruz off their courts norway in really already been pre some white out conditions there as well and even some portions of the low country so the storm really property on thursday that is the one to watch here is a skinny making for some treacherous travel conditions he plan on moving out about
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out here one in five days can be staying on the poolside if you really most of them of the worst of the weather intervened with a bit farther off that forced an oracle are lined with a high of seven if you're in the matter training you really get this out of bowls that are so actually some decent weather relatively cooler. but is getting in the teens and partly cloudy skies the sunny skies in madrid. even with an apostle to look at what's going on in the americas hamas severe winter storms this area at the upper level trough coming through as well and well it's taking up the snow fall was a blast of arctic air coming down parts of the most odious seen well over eighteen centimeters of snow and it's still gonna be up falling down on your white out conditions will still be here forecast for much of the northern plains extending out through material through out the day here on wednesday but thursday that she will shift a little bit by bit it with ease and quebec you're looking at some heavy snowfall there as well. also a key in on this area this is separate the facts inseparable coming in behd the original one. bring in
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some severe weather towards the southern rockies as this moves he's still it's going to read about him start to push up along the appalachian mountains and i think that this is gonna be on severe ice storm event on the power outage is very slick roads out there even snapped tree limbs and i well up to the five millimeters could be expected in some areas there from the deep south extending up with ne. by thursday and friday so that really is going to be the topic later on just talk about on all their cunning and will be interacting with the warm air on a saturday you to see this on the gradient map the difference there that the arctic air coming in and while when it can be seen there minus eleven there for your height minus twenty two by friday and saturday denver believe it or not here to be warming up so some good news there but minus twelve to fall. and minus seven there just for the high and that's not even taking the low temperatures as the best case scenario so to bundle up and stay warm. thus completely switch gears real quick and talk about this area of low
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pressure just towards the east of moscow. this could be the next iconic storm out in the tropics in the baby glory to bring in some heavy rainfall on the eastern seaboard and this very well could drift off to toys or so. as far as the tropics know this is the theory of the world we wanna watch to the next several days sparse northeast asia. much going on here high pressure is dominating at this time bring in some fairly decent whether a week loaded move over to an earlier on today but now it's moving up the tortillas tokyo high fifteen some partly cloudy skies here on thursday the central weather is forecast. aye aye aye aye aye i know. age. the car
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the stairs like this. act
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each. nissan is that special tv and radio program. the is a jew needs me to read all the world estimated thousands of entries. all the videos are now on the website for instant access. it allows you to vote your favorite videos to determine which ones will be featured in time you hear from them. japanese stocks to stop or change your vote count. the row. rule. noo noo
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and who we miss this interview with the seasons. i was uneventful and decent and cheap. the game kinds the off the coast if he she is peacefully to

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